Monday, February 28, 2011

Little Women

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Last night, Moma and I watched Little Women. This is one of my favorite movies! On my top 10 list :-)

It's funny how a movie can evoke such rich memories and feelings. Little Women is the first movie I saw in theaters! I was 3 and a half. I actually have a few memories from that first movie theater visit. I remember having my "Moma Baby" with me. (I don't know why I named her Moma Baby, but that was her name. She went everywhere with me!) I remember being so small that when I sat in the theater seat it folded up with me still in it! The one scene I remember the most is the Christmas morning scene. My little 3 year old mind couldn't grasp why they were so excited to have sausage and butter. I didn't completely understand why it was such a sacrifice to give up their Christmas breakfast to a family who didn't have any breakfast at all. And I didn't understand why Amy was holding the orange the way she was :-)

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Over the years, the characters in this book/movie have become more and more real to me. They don't really seem fictional. I feel like I can relate to all 4 sisters. Meg, the oldest and most "proper" one out of the bunch is almost like a second mother to her younger sisters. Jo, the adventurous one. Not afraid to do things differently and not looking for the approval of her culture. Think unconventional :-) Out of all the sisters, I feel like I can relate to her the most (if any of the local community theaters put on a production of Little Women, I think I'd have to audition for Jo. She's one of my dream roles!). No, I'm not a tomboy, not anywhere close. But, still, there's something about her. I feel like we're kindred spirits. She wears her heart on her sleeve. She's not afraid to be different. And as long as she's doing what is right, she doesn't feel like she has to fit into a certain mold. At the same time, she isn't rebellious. She loves a good story and loves to write. She loves her family with all her heart. The night she cut her hair, Beth wakes up to her crying. A few years ago, when I cut about 10 inches of my hair off, I did the very same thing. I cried the rest of that day!
Then we have Beth, the quite one. She loves being at home and helping others. She loves her piano. She is closest to Jo. They would be lost without each other. The youngest is Amy. She's the bubbly one. Very concerned, almost paranoid, about her looks, especially her nose. She's most frivolous out of the bunch. She also matures greatly as she gets older. A wonderful artist and the most beautiful out of all the sisters.

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This scene of the movie is the most touching to me:

When all those memories come rushing back at Jo and she starts writing her story. Jo finally reaches the turning point and allows herself to put her heart on the page. *sighs* I takes my breath away and makes me cry. I love it.

This isn't the only story/movie that evokes. I love a good story. I love having characters that I can relate to. I love having characters that seem more like friends than words on a page. Just another part of my somewhat quirky personality I guess :-)

What stories, songs, etc evoke memories or emotions in you? Please share :-)


  1. WAAAA! So touching! Well put, Lur. Little Women is my most favorite movie in the whole wide world!


  2. I have the best Little Women story. I first met my husband at church. He asked me to lunch a few times, but I couldn't go for various reasons. He then asked me to dinner and a movie. I said yes. On Jan. 13, 1995, we went to Olive Garden for dinner then went to the movie theater.

    I remember vividly him asking me, "What movie would you like to see?"

    I replied, "Little Women". And he said yes.

    We went into the theater, and we were the only people in the theater for the whole movie. It made for a special first date. He now says I was testing him to see if he would watch the movie, but really I just love Little Women and wanted to see the movie. I first read the book in 4th or 5th grade and have always loved it!!

    I sometimes wonder what would have happened if he had said he didn't want to see Little Women. LOL.

  3. That is so sweet! Thanks for sharing, Lori :-)


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