Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Unconventional: Dress With Pants?

A few days after Thanksgiving, I was out shopping with my Moma, Mamaw, Aunt Anita, and my little cousin Hannah. Browsing the sale rack Moma and I found the most adorable denim dress. I tried it on and it was too short, but we dedided to get it anyway, thinking we could get a little bit of fabric to lengthen it. Before leaving the dressing room I decided to try it on with my jeans, wearing it as a long shirt instead of a dress. I loved it! So, Moma bought it for me and saved it for Christmas:-)

In today's world, sometimes we have to be creative when it comes to being modest and still wearing what we like. Sometimes it means trying something that you wouldn't normally think of trying, i.e. wearing pants under a dress that is too short. I'm not saying that this works with everything. Sometimes I might LOVE something, but still put it back on the rack because I know that there isn't way to make it modest without looking tacky.

I really like experimenting with different outfits and wearing cute clothes, but modesty always comes first! As a Christian young lady, it is my responsibility to do my best to raise my Christian brothers up in my dress. In wearing immodest clothing, I am placing myself in front of my brothers in Christ as a stumbling block in their Christian walk! Yes, Christian guys have the responsibilty to control their thoughts and eyes, but we (Christian girls) have a responsibility to help them in their Christian walk, just as they have a responsibility to help us along.

Dressing modestly does not mean that you have to walk around wearing dresses that fit like sacks! But, it will mean that Christian girls will have to be mindful of anything that comes in our closets. I hope to give ya'll some ideas as well as learn from ya'll about being creative with our wardrobes while dressing modestly :-)

I just swept my hair back in a loose bun and pinned it with bobby pins, letting my bangs hang loose. I use Clinique makeup because it does well with my sensitive skin. For my eyes, I used a goldish brown neutral eyeshadow trio, black eyeliner and black mascara. I'm out of blush, so I used light pink lipstick on my cheek and just blended it for a natural look. My lipstick is a pink with a goldish tint. It looks best when worn with neutral eyeshadow. :-)

This outfit is also affordable! The dress (from Peebles) was on sale, I think it was $12, the long sleeve shirt (American Eagle) underneath is borrowed from my Moma, I think it was about $10, the jeans were $12 (WalMart), the scarf (Old Navy) was a gift, but the person who gave it to me is a bargain shopper, so I know it wasn't expensive ;-). The boots were a gift, I know that boots aren't cheep, but one could easily substitute a more affordable shoe choice :-) 

I hope this encourages you to try something new in your pursuit of modesty! :-)


  1. Cute stuff Lur! Love reading your posts! Love ya girly!

  2. I'm enjoying looking at your outfits. My old eyes sometimes deceive me, and I at first thought you said your lipstick had a "goldfish" tint! :)

  3. Mrs. Sandra, after reading your comment I read the whole blogpost to double check that it said "goldish" instead of "goldfish" ;-) thanks so much for checking out my blog :-)


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