Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Job!!!

                          (Photo Credit)

Yes, I have a new job :-) I'm going to be a barista! If you're scratching your head, not knowing what I'm talking about, it's ok :-) That's just a fancy word for someone who works in a coffe shop. My brother works at our local coffee shop and cafe that opened recently (turns out that we know the owner:-). He told me that they are really busy and could use some more help. My first day is tomorrow :-) I am so thankful for this opportunity!


  1. YEA! WHO-HOO! YIPEE! I am so happy for you girlfriend!! ;)

  2. I'm preeeetty sure this has something to do with the conversation about free coffee we had! ;) Hehe, hope you have a good time!!

  3. Lucky duck! :) You have fun! :)


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