Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Is The Month Of Love (and Other Sage Words From a Seven and Eight Year Old)

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My little cousin, Gavin (age 7) loves to talk about when he's grown up and has a family. I love listening to him talk about it, it's so cute and funny! He talks about it like it's happening tomorrow!

Today, Moma and I had an errand to run after we picked them up from school. While I went in the store, Moma stayed in the car with Grayson (age 8) and Gavin. I was only in the store about 5 minutes, walked out, and saw Moma laughing so hard she was crying in the driver's seat! I got to the car as fast as I safely could. I got in the car and asked, "What is so funny?" As she was wiping the tears from her eyes, Moma answered, "Gavin is talking about when he grows up." I look in the back seat and Grayson has his ears covered, because he doesn't want to talk about growing up. Apparently it grosses him out. Since I didn't hear the orginal conversation, I'll just share a few snippets with ya'll :-)

~ Gavin's wife is going to go to the hospital 9 times (to have a baby). The ninth time is going to be on a Monday.

~Moma asked Gavin if he wants his wife to love God. He answered, "I want my wife to like me!"

~I asked what kind of girl he wants to marry. His answer: 1) A woman who likes him, 2) A woman who goes to church, 3) A woman who loves God.

~If a woman doesn't like Gavin, but he likes her, here is the progression of how he will try to win her heart. 1) Give her a flower, 2) Give her a rose, 3) Give her a cake, 4) Give her a cupcake, 5) If all that doesn't work, he'll walk away.

~According to Gavin, February is the Loving month, because of Valentine's Day. That is why February is his favorite month :-)

~Gavin was reading the nutrion facts from his Happy Meal to us. He's very concerned about "sugars," "stodium," and calories. It's sooo funny to hear him talk about this!

These are just a few of the things that these boys say that makes me laugh :-)


  1. That's great! I especially loved his progression of wooing! Hehehe. This made me laugh out loud. What a cutie. I've really been enjoying reading all your posts lately, Lori Lynn! :)

  2. How sweet! And you have such a lovely blog, Lori Lynn! I will be back to visit. Love to you and your sweet family.
    Mrs. Debbie

  3. Thank you so much! Both of ya'll!

  4. I love Gavin! He makes me happy! Hey, at least he likes big families. ;) We'll have to remember the Monday thing...it would be very funny if it did happen that way! Love you girl!

  5. P.S. I LOVE the picture of the hands shaped into a heart!


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