Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Unconventional: Classy At a Baseball Game

The other night we were at a Biscuits baseball game and I saw this lady waiting in line for food. I couldn't get over how classy and modest she looked in the sea of Daisy Dukes! I was like, "Moma, look at her! I need to get her on my blog!" So... yeah, I walked up to a complete stranger and asked to take her picture! Am I crazy or what? She saw my mom and said, "You can take my picture with her!"

You can be classy and comfortable at a baseball game :-) Don't be afraid to wear something a bit dressier (and a lot more modest!) than those denim shorts!

When do you wear something a bit nicer than expected?


  1. Way to go Lur! So many people have become accustomed to grunge. It is so nice to see people dressing with diginity! I love your mom's dress, btw!

  2. Aww, I was going to ask if that was your grandma until I read about it. Haha! She's a pretty snazzy cute lady!

  3. Two cutie patooties! Very nice Lori Lynn! Keep these modesty posts coming! :) Love you.


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