Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Driver's License Saga of LurlynnCrochet


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So, I'm almost 20 years old and I just got my driver's license. Yes, you heard right, almost 20. I know, most people go on their 16th birthday, but I just didn't like to drive. I'd get nervous. I'd have something akin to a panic attack, but not nearly that severe. I just wasn't comfortable behind the wheel. The only person I was comfortable with was my neighbor, Lacey. Yes, my neightbor was my driver's ed teacher :-)

So, about 2 months ago I decided it was time for me to be a big girl and get my license! And that is what I attempted to do last week. The key word being "attempted."

Where we live, you get there in the morning, and the first 5 people who get there for a road test will be tested that morning. Well, I was number 5. So when she called my number, Daddy and I went in and gave her the needed information and signed the needed forms, got my picture taken, and then we had 2 hours before I could take my road test.

The coffee shop where Rodge and I work is walking distance from the Driver's License office, so Daddy and I went there for some breakfast and coffee. All the regulars were asking why I wasn't working and I informed them that I was about to taking my driver's test. I had half of my small town cheering me on!

The road test was going great! I was confident. The lady conducting the test is super nice. Everything was going great!
Then it came time for the 3-point turn.
Cue the "I'm-so-much-like-Anne Shirley-that-I-can't-do-something-this-big-without-something-going-wrong" bell. Yeah. She asked me to do the 3-point and that part of my brain just flat-lined. I couldn't remember anything! I did something like a 3-point, but not exactly like one. So I had to do it again! I was in reverse...
 Then I heard the "bump!"
I asked the test administrator, "Do I get out now? Do I pull over to the side? What do you want me to do?"
   "Pull over to the side of the road and we'll see what you hit, sweetie," she instructed me. It didn't take long to see that I had knocked over a mail box!

I had to call my dad, but I was already in tears! So I handed her the phone, realizing that Daddy had forgotten his cell phone at home! So, we called my boss, she was freaking out (not realizing that I had just hit a mail box, she thought I was hurt)! By the time Daddy and Rodge had gotten there the police officer was there as well. We had to call the police incase the mail box owner wanted to file a report. I was still in tears. Daddy was so sweet and the first thing he did was give me a hug and tell me that it was ok.

We got in touch with the home owner and thankfully he didn't want to file a report since Daddy said he'd repair the mail box. That was a HUGE relief to me!!!! Do you know how embarrassing it would be to have that on my record?

The testing administrator gave me a hug and told me to come back soon! My Daddy was so sweet! The mail box was taken care of before I even got off work that day!

After that whole fiasco I went back to work. There were flowers there but I wasn't really paying that much attention to them, and my boss said they were for me. I looked at the card and almost started crying again! (Moma ordered those that morning before I took the test). I was sniffing, trying not to cry, and then my boss almost started crying (she doesn't cry easily)! I was like, "You can't start crying because if you do I will too!!!" *sighs* Sometimes it's hard working with a bunch of hormonal women!

The rest of the day went pretty smoothly, nobody made fun of me, a lot of people encouraged me to go back and try again. And that's just what I did :-)

As of Tuesday LurlynnCrochet has a driver's license! The night before Daddy took me and we practiced the 3-point about 10 times. When it came to that part of the test, I did it and did it well. The testing administrator even clapped for me:-)

You know what the Bible says about the angels in Heaven rejoicing when one sinner repents? Well that's what it felt like when I passed!

It was a good day:-)

PS. The news is on in the background and it said that if current drivers had to go back and take the test, about half of them would fail. Go figure!


  1. HAHAHA! You, Anne Shirley, are crazy! I got a mental picture of everyone in Heaven jumping up and down for you!

  2. Oh the joys of the drivers test! It's okay, as you know, I didn't pass the first time either. At least your lady was nice! Bless her heart, my lady would have looked alot better if she had a smile. Not to mention, would have made me feel alot better! Congratulations Lur!

  3. Lol there is an ad for new drivers insurance, ya might want to check that out.

    Love you bunches, Mom

    p.s. on your side bar

  4. Congratulations on hanging in there until you got it! Many years from now, you'll have a great story to share with your grandkids...

  5. Awh, it's like a love story about your first driver's license, dear! Like pretty much anywhere in life, we're bound to hit something. And if we just take it easy and ask help from our loved ones, we'll be fine. Another good thing is that the car wasn't damaged or anything - not even a dent. Oh by the way, you have your own car by now, don't you?


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