Friday, May 13, 2011

Why and How I've Monetized LurlynnCrochet and How You Can Help :-)

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Ya'll may have noticed the recent addition of ads and an Amazon affiliate store to my blog. No, I'm not an infomercial-holic! I'm just wanting to make better use of the possibilities that come with blogging. One of those possibilities is making a little bit of money. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme! It's works more along the lines of slow-and-steady-wins-the-race. Google places ads on the blog, people view the blog, and the Google gives me a little compensation for those views and a bit more compensation when viewers click on the ad. The Amazon Affiliate store works a little differently. I choose different items from Amazon to go in the store, and when people purchase items from the store, I get a percetage of the sale.

I haven't become money hungry or anything like that. But I will be starting college soon, so any little bit helps! I already have a part-time job, so this is just a little something extra.

How you can help out:

1. Follow the blog. The more readers, the more page-views, the more compensation from Google.
2. Tell your friends about the blog.
3. If there is an ad you find interesting, click on it.
4. Purchase items from the Amazon Affiliate store. If there is something on Amazon that you are planning on buying and it  isn't in my store, send me an email with the product link and I'll add it.

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