Saturday, September 3, 2011

Recap of Come Fill Your Cup Podcast

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Let me say that listening in live and participating in the chat of today's episode of "CFYC Espresso!" was not only encouraging and uplifting, it was also a ton of fun! Erynn Sprouse interviewed Mrs. Cindy Colley about the Bible study method that inspired the Facebook group "Digging Deep in God's Word." Cindy talked about the Bible study method, the Facebook group and answered questions from the chat room. I feel like I'm rambling here, but I'm just so excited about the Bible study method she's come up with, how fast the Facebook group has grown, being able to listen live and participate in the podcast! I love it!

The actual podcast was very encouraging, but so was the chat that was going on while the podcast was being recorded! One of the questions I asked was how would Cindy suggest one to get started writing and speaking. Some of the ladies in the chat room were like "Great question!" I mentioned that writing/speaking is a goal of mine, and then BAM! some of  the ladies were encouraging me, saying that they could see me speaking and suggesting ways to get your writing out. It was great! A little bit of encouragement goes a LONG way! Thank you so much ladies!

I want to share a quote from Cindy today:
"Okay, it's just a promise from me. If you do this study for a whole year, you will never again say, 'I don't know how to study the Bible. I just don't know where to start,' because you will have so many unanswered questions; and God has the answers. He has all of the answers for all the issues of life in His book."

If you aren't reading Come Fill Your Cup or Bless Your Heart you are missing out on much encouragement and blessings, so go read them :-)

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