Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lazy Day Hair

When you're hair looks like this...

Do this...

 I was off yesterday and didn't want to was my hair or do my make up (my hair was clean, just messy :-) So whenever I've got messy hair my want to look somewhat decent, a French braid is the answer! I like to do mine to the side of my head, rather than straight down the middle. A quick and easy fix!


  1. I'm jealous that you can french braid your own hair. I have tried several times and haven't been successful.

  2. cute. where in the world did you get those glasses? ;P

  3. wish i could braid! :\
    do you have the murrel family's address?, not sure if you got my email bout that. i tried texting you to ask, but it wouldn't go through. :(

  4. @ lowercase letters... I don't have the address. Try Donna, she might have it. It was in the bullitien when he did the gospel meeting

    @ Purposely at Home... Kmart :-)

    @ Lisa... I had to practice on other people and get a real handle on how it "felt" to French braid before I could do it myself :-) If you don't have anyone to practice on, try a doll :-)


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