Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Polishing the Pulpit 2011!!!!!

My friend Amy asked for feedback about PTP on her blog. My comment was long enough for a blog post so I decided to post it here! For Amy's blog go here :-)

Oh wow! There are sooooo many wonderful things about PTP!
1) Ok, so I might be playing favorites here, but I really loved the Modesty Fashion Show! Show girls and ladies that you can be modest without wearing a burlap sack is needed! On top of it all, every item (minus the wedding dress) featured was originally immodest but was made modest by adding another piece(s) of clothing! You can buy things in the store that are cute and still be modest! Ok, enough ranting on that :-)
2) The variety of lessons/topics to choose from! Cindy Colley is one of my favorite speakers and I was able to hear her multiple times! There are just so many great lessons! The one that had the most impact on me this week was “Prayer: What to Do When God Says No” presented by Gary Hampton. Let’s just say that lesson had PERFECT timing for me personally.
3) The singing! Like you said, Mrs. Amy, when 1000 plus brothers and sisters sang “Holy, Holy, Holy” that Sunday morning, I was moved to tears! A little glimpse of what Heaven will be like.
4) The fellowship! My family wasn’t able to go this year, so I roomed with friends I met last year at PTP (it was me and 2 other families in a room)! I was able to see both families at Roundhouse last year and one of the families only lives about 2 hours away so I see them every once in a while. But I couldn’t help think throughout the week, “A year ago I didn’t know these people. Now they’re some of my closest friends!” I also couldn’t help thinking how thankful I am for Facebook because it makes it easy to keep up with all the friends I’ve made at PTP!
I agree with Kathy, PTP is like church camp! Late nights, laughter, friends, and all! You just dress a bit nicer and have the luxury of a hotel staff :-)
If you're interested in knowing more about Polishing the Pulpit go here :-)

PS. Could ya'll keep my brother, Rodge, in yall's prayers? He's been sick off and on all summer and tonight we found out that he has mono. He's also in his first few weeks of preaching school. The people there are very understanding of this kind of thing. We're so thankful for that and the fact that we finally know why he's been sick so much.


  1. Oh no! What does he have to do to get over it?

  2. Awww! I miss PTP!

    Rodge has mono?!?! Oh no! Will be praying for his quick recovery....

  3. Already started praying for Rodge, and for the rest of your family, too--I know you're concerned about him.

  4. I'm glad you had a wonderful week at PTP. We enjoyed it immensely last year. I'm so sorry Rodge is sick. At least now he knows what it is, and hopefully he will start to feel better soon.

  5. We had a great time at PTP this year as well! I'm going to blog about it eventually . . . once I get some time to sit down and write it out!

  6. @Melissa, he just has to ride it through :-( It's a virus. About the only thing they can do is give him steroids to help with symptoms.

    @Lisa, you were at PTP??!! I can't believe we didn't run into each other? Did you go to the Modesty Fashion Show on Saturday?

    Thank ya'll for all the prayers!!!

  7. i miss ptp and everything that goes with it :((


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