Thursday, March 31, 2011

Graduation Afghans

Last year, two of my dearest friends graduated from highschool. I really wanted to give them something that fit their personality, that I made, and was something that would still be useful in the years to come. I thought and thought and decided on an afghan. I know, that's a pretty cliche crochet gift, but hey, who doesn't love a handmade-with-love afghan?

This is the afghan I made for my friend, Marli.
                     (Photo Credit)
I used an off-white cream color. It ended up being bigger than the afghan that's in the picture, but that was fine :-) She ended up loving it! Marli is a girly girl, so I wanted to give her something elegant that she could use now but still be able to use it in her own home one day.

Marli and I have been friends since we were 8 years old! We met at church. I really don't know when we went from aquaintances to best friends, but somehow it happened :-) We were both homeschooled and throughout the years we've done many homeschool activities together. We're still best friends and love hanging out together!

This is the afghan I made for my friend, Jordan:

The background color looks almost black in this picture, but it's really navy blue. Jordan was going away to college, so I wanted something that she could take with her, but she could still use later on. She isn't as much of a "girly girl" as I am, so I wanted something in colors that she would like and match her bedding, something that was feminine but not over-the-top girly, practical, and most importantly something that she would want to use :-)

Jordan and I have been friends since she was born (I'm a year older)! My dad grew up with her mom's family. Once my parents started dating, her mom and my mom have been great friends:-) Jordan and I are very different and yet very similar. We both love to read, "I Love Lucy," spend time together, talk, and just hang out :-) PS. This pattern came from a special edition of Crochet Today Magazine

This year, my brother, Rodge, is graduating from highschool! I can't believe it! About a year and a half ago he asked for a log cabing afghan for Christmas. The thing is, he asked about 2 weeks before Christmas! This Christmas, he repeated his request, but I didn't have the money, so I promised him I would make it for graduation. So, graduation is looming ever near, so it's getting close to time to start stitching! I can't find the pattern I'm using online (he was going through my crochet magazines and found the afghan he wanted). But this is what a log cabin quilt block looks like:

                               (Photo Credit)
It's the same basic concept with crochet. The difference is that instead of using fabric, crochet blocks are used. He wants it to be in blues, browns and grays. I can't wait to get started! I haven't been crocheting much lately. I've been in more of a book reading kind of mood. I will be nice to have a hook and yarn back in my hands :-)


  1. Marli has her blanket on her bed right now. =)

  2. As is mine! It's gotten good use. Just last night a friend used it sleeping in our dorm room. I LOVE it! Thanks! It was a perfect gift from a perfect friend! Love, (not-so-anonymous) Jordan PS: All your crochet work is beautiful, I just have a favorite, haha. I do love Rodge's though, at least how it looks in my head. Sounds like it's time for crocheting!

  3. Awww! I have to agree with Jordan! I LOVE IT! I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled it out of the bag on graduation day. ;) I feel very blessed to have you as a dear friend in my life! Looking forward to another 11 years!... Love you so much!



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